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Dynapro: Driving Fearlessly through Intense Conditions

The launch of a secure and enjoyable driving life

Cars have become an exhilarating medium to express our true character. Contemporary cultural trends are directly related to the direction of the automotive industry trends. So, what are some of the automotive industry movements amidst such dynamic cultural changes?

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The rise of an outdoor lifestyle creates changes within the SUV market

Many of the industry inflection points originate from global environmental changes. In the past few years, the pandemic has led to the rise of outdoor leisure activities such as camping. The strict conditions of the pandemic necessitated smaller gatherings and outdoor activities with minimum exposure to other people. This has led to an increase in the demand for semi-mid-size SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and practical, fuel-efficient hybrid cars. Demand for light trucks and trailers has also grown sequentially.

The volume of SUV sales from Korean car makers in 2020 has increased by 15.3% YoY. In the same year, Korean SUV brands ranked fourth in total vehicle sales in the U.S. market.

These subtle changes in the automotive market have had a direct impact on tire brands. The performance requirements of SUV and small truck tires change according to the vehicles' functions, sizes, and loads. Some gearheads are very selective in choosing the parts and tires, as they would when purchasing a car. Differing customer needs are also a contributing factor when it comes to the tire designs. Combining tires with the performance and design that best match the vehicle is crucial. Customers looking for the best tires for their SUVs and small trucks have increased proportionally in line with the increasing demand for these classes. The need for off-road tires that boast excellent durability in a dynamic driving environment has rapidly increased. Reflecting this trend, tire manufacturers are diversifying every component of the product's design, lineup, and performance.

The leading brand for SUV tires, Dynapro

What type of tire is suitable for SUVs? Due to the SUVs' higher overall height and the shift in weight that can come with a higher center of gravity, an appropriate level of handling performance takes on a higher priority than for other vehicles. In addition, since the SUVs are larger and heavier, their tires must withstand heat generation and other high loads that occur during operation.

Among the tire brands for SUVs that Hankook Tire owns, Dynapro is the most popular.

Dynapro is a compound of Dynamic and Professional, a name that we proudly bear to represent that the tire possesses the utmost quality and stability while providing the best performance in dynamic driving conditions.

Hankook Tire has spent a considerable amount of time researching tire friction and noise tests, handling tests, and tread design changes to develop SUV tires optimized for diverse road surfaces. This research has helped expand the product portfolios optimized for specific terrains, covering on-road, highway, off-road, and extreme terrains. Such efforts have planted fruitful seeds now revitalized as a professional brand with ultra-high-performance all-terrain tires that can be driven stably across distinct road conditions. Today, consumers can choose an SUV tire that is optimized according to the road surface environment where they drive.

Dynamic tires that robustly withstand all extreme driving conditions

When driving off-road and faced with unpredictable surface conditions, the role of the tires increases in importance. In this situation, the best product lineup from Dynapro's SUV tire portfolio would be the off-road tires since they provide the most suitable products that can handle diverse terrain conditions. Now, let's take a closer look at the tires optimized for each specific terrain.

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For those who prefer hiking, camping, and road trips, and enjoy extreme driving, Dynapro's off-road exclusive product, Dynapro MT2, is highly recommended. Dynapro MT2 can withstand extreme off-road driving conditions such as large stones and muddy roads.

The thick V-shaped shoulders protect the sidewalls from being damaged by protruding objects. In addition, the width of the tread grooves widens from the base, allowing debris like rocks and mud to dissipate easily. These features enable vehicles to maintain their grip on rocky terrains and remain fully stable while driving.

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Secondly, Dynapro XT is suitable for rough terrains blighted by heavy snow or mud. The wide tire groove design allows water to drain quickly and prevents any stones and mud from becoming stuck in the tread.

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Dynapro XT is born with both technology and beauty. AT2 Xtreme received the Red Dot Award 2020

Lastly, the AT2 Xtreme is an all-weather tire that can provide an extremely comfortable ride despite the differing road conditions, including off-road and snowy pavements. It features a stabilizing tread block that minimizes any movement and reduces noise. The AT2 Xtreme also boasts a guaranteed tread life of 70,000 miles (60,000 miles for LT Metric), one of the longest in its class. In addition, Hankook Tire has provided the AT2 Xtreme for the Kia Sorento PHEV vehicles participating in the U.S. desert race, proving the product's premium performance.

Dynapro's off-road tire products are popular in North America, and Dynapro AT2 Xtream and XT have acquired the winter snow braking performance certification, 3PMSF. Thanks to its excellent performance, stability throughout a winter environment, and optimized technology for demanding off-road terrains, Dynapro satisfies the specific tastes of North American consumers who drive across diverse and dynamic terrains. As we advance towards becoming a top-tier global company, Hankook Tire will actively respond to global trends and consumer needs while developing robust SUV products that can handle any road surface environment.